1. Where is ladies' wear? 
或 Where is women's clothing department女装区在哪里呢?2. I'm just looking. / I'm just browsing.我就是随便看看。3. Do you have the jeans in stock?这条牛仔裤有货吗?4. Where is the changing room? 或 Where is the fitting room?试衣间在哪里?5. Does this come in a different size?这个有不同的尺码吗?6. Could you bring me a larger / smaller size?你可以帮我拿大一码/小一码的吗?7. Does this come in a different color?这个有不同的颜色吗?8. Do you have this one in purple?你们有紫色的这件衣服吗?9. That blue shirt really suits you. 这件蓝色衬衣真适合你。10. Could you give me a discount?可以给我打个折吗?