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On the road

yanxiaoli 发表于:06-10-08 11:58

I`m going to do international trading.Though I once learnd English for a period of time,at present I don`t use it in the work.I`d like to chat with everybody here in English and welcome any advise and suggestions in my written English here.Thanks a lot.

haowangg 发表于:06-10-08 17:54 0
Quite good.

yanxiaoli 发表于:06-10-13 20:20 0

I have tried to write something in English,but I find it is quite difficult for me to do so because of my limitation of expression in English.To improve the language level, I must practice more.If you find some grammatical errors o the problem of expression in my article,please tell me to correct them.Thank you!

haowangg 发表于:06-10-15 16:28 0

Better than me, no suggestions.

yanxiaoli 发表于:06-10-15 21:09 0
I can only write some simple sentences.