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学衡翻译 发表于:06-07-19 18:19

This is a work of our wooden jewelry boxes series, with something about it going beyond your imagination. These boxes are made with rosewood imported from Burma, complemented with other superior wood. All materials used are environment-friendly, you’ll not be afraid to kiss it if you like. The items smell of a light sweet fragrance, naturally stemming from the rosewood.

The parts of which they are made of are well connected and complement each other perfectly. The workmanship of these products requires rich imagination and extreme delicacy. Every part is handmade with great precision and with a beautiful and dynamic picture in mind, so the resultant products are emotion-provoking.

There are things that can always arouse a remote feeling, it’s seems the feeling of the remote past, feeling of heavenly dreams; it’s the childhood innocence eternally flickering in your mind, a longing for pure happiness. These artworks innocently trigger a deep feeling of you just like Van Gogh’s works, yet you do not need to have good sense of art to appreciate these simple gadgets, what only needed is the aspiration of goodness and pureness, and hope.

It is purposed as a jewelry box, but it depends on you as to whether it should be for jewelry or for something else, for example keys, coins, watches or anything you see fit. It conveys a sense of tranquility and peace, so it’s a good idea to have one in your office to cool your mind amidst the bustling around. Also it is a recommended elegant home decoration beside your computer’s monitor, on your bedside cupboard, in your bookshelf and etc. Its chubby shape will also endear itself to children. Its outer appearance will mislead many unsuspecting people into thinking that it’s a decoration item; with a little trick of hiding some jewelry in it will make you a hero to your loved one when she/he discovers your true intention. There is no boundary in having fun of it.

Besides this Elephant form, the series also includes other forms: Owl, Dolphin, Penguin, Fish, Dog, Butterfly, Single heart, Double Hearts, Coconut Tree, Apple and Leaf. For other forms of items, please see our other listings.

We select a famous wood art crafts manufacturer, who is also a partner of Disney, to make this series of products. Their quality is fully guaranteed.