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Next time I go home I will never see my home which had ever witnessed my happy childhood. It will be demolished together with the whole village. Last time I went home as I went along the road leading to the village I saw a pell-mell of activities as people were pressing ahead to meet the deadline of moving out. Oh, my village, my childhood paradise will no longer exist, but soon built in its place will be large complexes of factories. The transformation is so astounding in so short an interval of time that I can scarcely attune myself to the fact. For how long I had thought things would be forever remaining the same until I grow old enough to alight on the truth that there is nothing everlasting under the sky. Yes, nothing is everlasting under the sky.

That day I took my fiancee home to meet my parents. Many of the villagers came up to us to congratulate my good fortune as we approached my home. An old lady who hadn’t seen me for many years hobbled around to me to study me curiously, and last as if finding something immortally precious, took on startling look and gave up her wonder to an exclamation: “Oh! Is this Wenhua”, completely forgetting the unhappy event in which I knocked off one of her grandson’s incisors when I was a little child.

Strangely enough, despite the hilarious activities going around the village as people loading belongings onto vehicles to be transported, a melancholy atmosphere hanging over the whole village can be remotely sensed. Time seemed to come to a standstill as I wondered unconsciously if I could encounter people in the village who had died not long ago. It came a long way for me to come to term with the harsh reality that soon some people in the village would never be seen, since what a lively impression they’ve left on my mind.

After breakfast, I and my fiancee along with my uncle and his wife serving as the foil set out for the city. We took a taxi and soon arrived at Taizhou city. My uncle had been for all the time touting to me the so-called techniques of pursuing women he employed during his heyday when he shuffled lovers every three days as he bragged, which sounded quite novel to such a novice as me. (to be continued).

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我回家我的下次从未将看曾经目击了我愉快的童年的我的家。它将被拆毁与整个村庄一起。上次我回家了当我沿路前进导致我看活动pell-mell 的村庄当人们向前紧迫遇见最后期限行动。噢, 我的村庄, 我的童年天堂不再将存在, 但很快修造在它的地方将是工厂大复合体。变革如此震惊在如此短小我能缺乏地调和我自己对事实的间隔时间时间。为多久我有想法事永远会是残余的同样直到我增长足够老下来在真相有没什么永恒在天空下。是, 没什么是永恒在天空下。那天我采取我的fianc3ee 家遇见我的父母。许多村民过来对我们祝贺我的好运当我们接近了我的家。没看见的一老夫人我许多年跛行对我好奇地学习我, 和前好象发现某事immortally 珍贵, 承担了使震惊的神色和放弃了她的奇迹惊叫: "Oh! 是这Wenhua ", 完全地忘记我敲她的孙子的门牙的当中一个的怏怏不乐的事件当我是一个小孩子。奇怪地足够, 尽管热闹的活动在村庄四处走动如同人装货财产车被运输, 忧郁大气垂悬在整个村庄能遥远地感觉。时刻似乎来到停顿当我不自觉地想知道如果我能遇到人在不久前死了的村庄。它取得了进展使我达成协议以严酷的现实, 某些人民在村庄从未很快会被看见, 从活泼的印象他们留下了在我的头脑。在早餐以后, I 和我的fianc3ee 与我的伯父一起和他的妻子服务作为箔开始了为城市。我们乘了出租汽车和很快到达了在台州市。我的伯父是为一直招徕对我追求他雇用在他的全盛时期期间的妇女所谓的技术当他拖曳了恋人每三天当他自夸了, 听起来相当新颖对如此新手象我(继续) 。


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