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Location is key


        Quite a common experience is for context to mess with memory in quite a severe way. 


        For instance, you're in the kitchen, and you think "I must get my raincoat from the bedroom" and you head upstairs. Once there, you can't remember what you came for. 


        You return downstairs, and immediately remember. You head upstairs, and again can't remember what you were looking for.


        The trick is to imagine what you're looking for in the location you're headed to. That way the new context will contain the memory of what you were looking for.



Train your brain


        To keep the memory sharp, the same thing's required that will keep the mind sharp generally.


        lots of stimulation, keeping mentally active, learning new things. 


        Whether it's doing the daily cross-word, conversing on difficult subjects, learning a language, or simply doing an interesting manual task, keeping active is at the heart of mental health, and the sine qua non of keeping on top of memory as you age.

        不论是做每日的字谜游戏,讨论困难的议题,学习外语 , 或是仅仅是去做一项有趣的手工,保持活跃是思维健康的核心,也是保持你所属年纪最佳记忆力的必要条件。


Play mind games


        Every kind of memory is different, so there's no general test for memory. But there are many specific games that can be played. 


        For instance:


        Have someone write out a list of 20 words, give yourself a minute and then try to reproduce them in order. 14 is a great result. 

        写一个有20个词语的清单, 给自己一分钟,然后尝试着将他们按照原顺序再现出来。能写对14个就是非常好的结果了。

        Have someone do the same for a list of 20 numbers. Do the same thing with a collection of 10 flowers and their names.


        Or faces and their names.


        Each exercise will specifically test your memory (at the moment) for these things. The more you practice any such task, the better you'll get at it.



Repeat, repeat, repeat!


        If you need to remember something, repeat it, test yourself on it, review it regularly. 


        One great habit is that of "recollection". At the end of the day, reflect on all the things you did. 


        That single repetition will be enough for memories not to slip through the gaps, and can give a general boost to your mental clarity.



Tell a story


        As a rule of thumb, we remember anything we pay attention to. 


        How to pay attention? The answer is always to find what is interesting in what you want to remember. 


        If it's a story, experience its meaning and enjoy it. If it's a conversation, try to immerse yourself in its meaning. 


        If it's a fact, try to work out what would be interesting about it.