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英孚南京 发表于:18-09-19 10:47

        今天我们就来学习一下关于帮助他人常用的英语表达, 除了help还可以用哪些高级词汇和短语?


1. help 

        help [help]

        v. 帮忙, 帮助, 补救

        n. 帮助; 补救办法; 帮忙者; 有益的东西

        1). help sb (to) do sth

        I helped her to carry her cases up the stairs. 


        She helped him choose some new clothes. 


        2). help sb with sth

        Can I help you with the washing up? 


2. assist

        assist [ə'sɪst]

        v. 协助, 帮助

        n. 帮助, 助攻

        They had no maps to assist them. 


        1). assist someone with something

        The teacher assists the children with their tasks. 


        2). assist someone in doing something

        He asked us to assist him in carrying through their plan. 


3. aid

        aid [eɪd]

        v. 帮助, 援助

        n. 帮助, 援助, 救援物资

        We will aid their struggle against  

violent repression. 


        He was forced to turn for aid to his former enemy. 

        1). in aid of sth


        We're collecting money in aid of cancer research. 


4. help out

        help out 

        (因人手不够或别人缺乏某物而)分担…工作, 帮助…摆脱困难)

        We are trying to help out by delivering  

flour to bakeries. 

        我们正在设法给面包店送去面粉, 帮助它们度过难关。

        My parents have helped us out on several occasions by sending us money. 


5. give sb. a hand

        give sb a hand 


        Can you give me a hand moving these boxes? 


6. lend a hand

        lend a hand 


        Scott is moving on Saturday and we promised to lend a hand. 

        斯科特星期六要搬家, 我们答应去帮忙。