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1. 他绊了一下,摔倒了。

He tripped and fell. 

2. 她提出了一个重要问题,就是由谁负责。

She raised the important question of who will be in charge.

3. 我必须工作来家。

I have to work to support my family.

4. 这座桥经得住重型卡车吗?

Is this bridge strong enough to support heavy lorries?

5. 告示牌上写着“禁止抽烟”。

The sign says “No smoking”.

6. 雨还在下,没有转晴的迹象

The rainy weather showed no sign of improving.

7. 我准备报名参加七月中旬的那个团。

I am ready to sign up for the mid July group.

8. 这帽子和你的外套很相称

The hat is a good match for your coat.  

9. 在白墙的衬托下这幅画很好看。

The picture looks good against the white wall.

10. 一名记者被派去报道这次会议。

A journalist was sent to cover the conference.

11. 这些费用包括参观该景点的门票吗?

Does the fee cover the charge for visiting the place?

12. 他们让受伤的司机在急救人员到来前不要动

They told the injured driver to stay still until the emergency personnel arrived.

13. 我给你拍照时请不要动

Please keep still while I take your photograph.

14. 这周围的美景令我感到惊叹

The beautiful scenery around here gave me a sense of wonder.

15. 你在黑暗中居然没有迷路,这真是个奇迹

It’s a wonder that you didn’t lose your way in the dark.

16. 士兵应该服从命令

A soldier should obey commands.

17. 我英语学得很好,因此被选为英语老师的助手。

I have such a good command of English that I am elected as assistant to my English teacher.

18. 这个型号质量好,但太贵。

This model is of good quality, but it’s too expensive.

19. 伟人具有什么样的品质

What qualities does a great person have?

20. 船沉入了河底。

The ship sank to the bottom of the river.

21. 名单读完却没有听到自己的名字,她心里一沉

Her heart sank as the list ended without her name.

22. 当时,我们没有完全明白所发生之事的重要性。

At that time, we did not fully grasp the significance of what had happened.

23. 人们普遍认为成功催人奋进

It’s generally accepted that people are motivated by success.

24. 校办传来消息,王林被北京大学录取了。

News came from the school office that Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.

25. 他示意我们该走了。

He gestured to us that it was time to go.

26. 那条狗舒服地坐草地上享受骨头的美味。

The dog settled on the grass to enjoy its bone.

27. 她舒舒服服地坐在椅子上开始看书。

She settled herself into the chair and started to read.

28. 我在申请表上贴了一张照片。

attached a photo to my application form.

29. 坦白地说,很多人把名声和财富看得很重

To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous.

30. 每个房间都有浴室,都能上网。

Every room comes with its own bathroom and Internet access.

31. 我不确定他是否能与我的朋友们合得来

I wasn’t sure if she would fit in with my friends.

32. 父母应积极催促孩子利用这一机会参加运动会。

Parents should actively urge their children to take advantage of the opportunity to join sports teams.

33. 为了纪念那些勇敢的消防战士,一部电影即将开拍。

A film will be made in memory of those brave fire fighters.

34. 她的脸上露出欣喜的神色。

Her face lit up with pleasure.

35. 新年焰火照亮了整个城市的天空。

New Year’s fireworks lit up the sky over the city.

36. 看到亲手种下的这一排排的树,我们大家都有一种成就感

Seeing the lines of trees we had planted, we all had a sense of achievement.     

37. 别再生气了,要设身处地地为他们想一想。

Don’t be angry any more. Try to put yourself in their shoes.