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  Your family;

  Your hometown;

  Your university;

  Your favorite book;

  Your plan about future;

  Your most impressive teacher;

  Your unforgettable experience;

  Please tell me something about the job you have held, and what you have learned form it.

  What has been your greatest accomplishment in solving a problem? Use a specific example to demonstrate.


  Scenic spots and historic sites;

  Generation Gap;

  Taking Part-Time Jobs;

  What's a Friend for?

  Does money equal happiness?

  What does happiness mean to you?

  Is Honesty Always the Best Virtue?

  What’s your view on the gap between rich and poor?

  Explain your understanding on the old saying“practice makes perfect”.


  Going abroad;

  Online learning;

  Information age;

  Your view on Microblog;

  What do you think of smog?

  What is your point of view about the hot debate of private housing?

  What are the main problems in our society/of college education, and how to solve them?

  Somebody thinks that it is necessary for every university student to take, do you agree or disagree?