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亲子英语 | 关于用餐的日常互动

英孚南京 发表于:18-03-10 15:15


        今天小编为大家整理了与孩子用餐前后或期间可用于交流的对话, 学习起来,相信家长们一定用得上。



1. Mom, what’s for dinner tonight? 妈,今天晚上吃什么?
2. We’re having beef curry and rice today. 今天吃牛肉咖喱饭。
3. When will it be ready? 还要多久才准备好?
4. In about ten minutes. Help me set the table first, will you help me
? 在大约十分钟吧。可以先帮我摆好餐具吗?

5. I'm happy to do that. 我非常乐意呢。

亲子英语 | 关于用餐的日常互动


1. Dad, I don’t like it. 爸,我不喜欢这个。
2. Don’t be so picky. It’s good for your health. 不可以挑食,这个对你的身体很好。
3. I'm thirsty. I want some water. 我口渴想要喝水。
4. The soup tastes great! Take some. 汤的味道很棒!喝一点。
5. Dad, I'm full. 爸,我吃饱了。
6. Honey, you should finish your food. 亲爱的,你应该把东西吃完。


1. Honey, do you want to eat out? 亲爱的,要不要出去吃?
2. Hurray! I want to. 好棒喔!我要我要。
3. What do you want to eat? 你想吃什么?
4. How about Korean barbecue? 韩国烤肉如何呢?
5. Sounds great! 好啊!


1. Peter, wash your hands first, and then have some dessert. 彼得,先去洗手,然后去吃点甜点。
2. Mom, can I have some ice cream? 妈,可以吃点冰激淋吗?
3. Not today, honey. Don’t eat too much ice cream. 亲爱的,今天不可以喔。不要吃太多冰激淋。
4. Mom, can I have one more piece of cake? 妈,我可以再吃一块蛋糕吗?
5. Ok. It's the last piece of your desert. We’re having dinner soon. 好,这是最后一块点心啰。我们等下就吃晚餐了。
6. Wash your hands before you eat. 吃东西前要洗手。
7. Is breakfast ready? 早饭准备好了吗?
8. Come sit at the table. 坐到桌子这儿来。
9. We’re having your favorite today. 我们今天准备了你最爱吃的东西。
10. Please go ahead. 请先吃饭吧。
11. Come and get it. 开饭啦。
12. It’s time for breakfast/lunch/supper. 该吃早饭/中饭/晚饭了。
13. I'm coming. 这就来啦。
14. Don’t spill it. 别弄洒了。
15. Do you want any more rice? 你还要添点饭吗?
16. I will bring you some rice. 我给你盛点米饭来。
17. The breakfast is delicious. 早饭美味极了。
18. What do you like to have for your breakfast? Cake or fried rice? 早上你想吃蛋糕还是炒饭?
19. Would you like something to eat? 你想吃点什么?
20. What would you like for dinner? 晚饭你想吃什么?
21. What do you want for dinner? 晚饭吃什么?
22. How about some cake/steak? 吃点蛋糕/牛排怎么样?
23. What’s for breakfast/lunch/supper? 早饭/中饭/晚饭吃什么?
24. Let’s take a short break for lunch. 让我们休息一会儿去吃午饭。


1.Don’t throw food on the floor. 不要把食物扔在桌上。
2.Stop playing with your food. 不要玩食物。
3.Don’t smear that all over the table. 不要把桌子都弄脏。
4.Don't talk with your mouth full. 嘴里塞满食物时不要说话。
5.Just eat one at a time. 一次吃一个。
6.Don’t put too much food into your mouth each time. 一次少吃点。
7.Don’t put all of those in your mouth at once,you could choke. 不要把那些一次都放在你嘴里,你要嚼一嚼。
8.Don’t spill tomato sauce on your clothes,it’s very hard to remove. 不要把番茄汁翻在衣服上,它很难洗掉。


1.You know how to use the chopsticks. Great! 你会用筷子了,真棒。
2.Don’t poke your mouth with the chopsticks. 不要用筷子捅嘴。
3.Don't’ play with the chopsticks. 不要玩筷子。
4.Don’t bite the chopsticks. 不要咬筷子。
5.Your little sister doesn’t know how to use the chopsticks; she can only use a spoon. 妹妹不会用筷子,她只会用汤匙。
6.Hold the bowl with one hand while eating with your spoon with the other hand. 用勺子舀饭的时候,用另一只手扶着碗。
7.So the bowl won’t move around and it’s easier to scoop up the rice with your spoon. 这样碗就不坏动来动去,你用勺子舀饭就会比较容易。
8.Don’t scoop up too much with your spoon. 每次用勺子舀得少一点,别舀那么多。
9.This knife cuts well, doesn’t it? 这刀挺好使的,是不是?