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       国际劳动妇女节(International Working Women's Day,简写IWD)全称“联合国妇女权益和国际和平日”/“联合国女权和国际和平日”(United Nations women's rights and international peace day),在中国又称“国际妇女节”、“三八节”和“三八妇女节”。该节日不仅是为了纪念在1911年美国纽约三角内衣工厂火灾中丧生的140多名女工,还为庆祝妇女在经济、政治和社会等领域做出的重要贡献和取得的巨大成就而设立的节日。



        1. 天姿国色:one can use heavenly beauty (e.g, She is a heavenly beauty/ she is heavenly/She is heavenly beautiful), angelic, unearthly (e.g. unearthly beautiful), and goddess (as in “She is a goddess.”)

        例如:Her beauty is unequaled/unmatchable/unique in all the land.

        注意:把天姿国色译成 “ surpassing beauty.”或“ Reigning beauty” 是错的。

        2. 沉鱼落雁:Drop-dead gorgeous. Drop-dead means extremely. (=You can die on the spot due to the shock of seeing such stunning beauty.) A face one could die for, stunning/Stunningly beautiful.

        注意:“ She could charm the birds from the trees” 的意思并不是她有沉鱼落雁之容,而是她能用甜蜜的嗓音、话语劝说小鸟从树上落下,或者她有魔法让小鸟从树上落下的意思。

        “…beauty to shut out the moon …make fish sink and geese settle…” are good translations, but not what we are looking for here.

        3. 倾国倾城:"The face that launched a thousand ships" is a reference to Helen of Troy in Homer’s Iliad. 荷马史诗中的 特洛伊的海伦.In the Epic, Helen is the femme-fatale that caused the fall of Troy. (femme-fatale 致命的女人 or 红颜祸水. )

        例如: She has a face that could launch a thousand ships.

        4. 秀色可餐:可用 “she is a dish”, although that is considered rather vulgar.

        其他说法:delectable, luscious, mouth-watering,

        5. 养眼:a feast for the eyes/ a sight for sore eyes

        6. 出水芙蓉: Venus rising from the sea.(also known as: Venus on a half shell)