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        1. 先预览一下你的阅读材料。注意主标题、章节分配、和其他相关材料,旨在构筑阅读材料的结构布局。

        Preview the material you're going to read. Look at main headings, chapter divisions, and other relevant material---to develop clues about the structure of the work.

        2. 在阅读的同时调整阅读速度。对于需要理解领会的篇章,放慢速度;而对于已熟知(或不需要知道)的内容,快速读过。

        Adjust your reading speed as you read the material. Slow down when you need to be sure that you comprehend a section of material. Speed up if you are already familiar with (or don't need to know) other sections.

        3. 可以通过一次在一行里读数个词的方法,来显著提高阅读速度,而不是逐字逐句去读出那些词来。有些软件,如“速读”和“快读”,就是专门设计通过闪烁字母和单词来提高人们阅读速度的。或许你还需要学习其他一些技巧来达到这点。

        Readers can dramatically improve their reading speeds by taking in several words in the line of text at one time (instead of sounding out each word, or focusing on each letter of the word. Computer programs like Speed Reader or Rapid Reader are designed to help readers improve reading speeds with flashing letters and words. You may also want to learn more about other techniques.

        4. 提高阅读速度的另一个方法是,注意句子中的关键词。我们在连词、介词和冠词上浪费了太多时间,如:a, an, the, but, and, or, nor, but等。

        Another way to improve your reading speed is to focus on the key words in the sentences. A significant amount of reading time is wasted on conjunctions, prepositions, or articles (i.e. a, an, the, but, and, or, nor, but, etc.).

        5. 使用“节奏器”,例如一支笔或手指,以在阅读一行或一页时,形成一种注视焦点。节奏器不仅能帮你提高速度,还能避免重复阅读,并协助了解阅读内容。

        Use a pacer like a pen or your finger--as a focal point to draw your eye across the line or down the page. A pacer can help you increase your speed and reduce re-reading. A pacer can also help you to keep track of what you are reading.

        6. 谈论你所读的内容。有人发现,读后与朋友或同学谈论他们读过的内容,可以有效地综合理解所读内容。

        Talk about what you've read. Some readers find that by talking about their reading with friends or fellow students, they are able to effectively synthesize the material.

        7. 安排一个适合自己的阅读计划表。可能你会发现自己无法专心阅读超过一小时(甚至半小时),这时你就需要一个计划。同时,还要注意挑选一天中思维清晰且适于阅读是时候来读。

        Determine a reading schedule that works for you. You may find that you can’t concentrate on the material for more than an hour (or a half hour). Also select a time of the day when you are alert and ready to read.

        8. 找到自己的“阅读地点”,即那些不会打扰或分散你注意力的地方。

        Find a reading spot, where interruptions or distractions will not disturb your reading.


        Practice. Practice. Practice. The best way to improve your reading speed is to practice reading. Try out some of these techniques, and then perfect the strategies that work best for you.