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  but, however, yet, in fact, on the other hand; A, but B: 否定A而肯定B,则A,B两部分内容是相反的。 例如:Computerized data storage and electronic mail were to have heralded the paper less office. But, contrary to expectations, paper consumption throughout the world shows no sign of abating . 解释:paper less 表示负向,则but后no sign of abating 表示正向,所以abating是表示负向的词。 总结:此种方法有利于在不认识单词的前提下读懂句子意思,很有帮助,但一定要练习,而且要敏感。 练习:The marginal costs of generating electricity from nuclear energy may be tiny, but , as the technology now stands, huge and uncertain costs are involved in building the power stations, dealing with spent fuel, and decommissioning. (这是在环球雅思大连官方网上看到的,然后我自己整理了一下,供大家参考,祝大家考试顺利)