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【版乐更新】valder fields by tamas wells

流浪四季的假面公主薇薇安 发表于:10-11-13 10:59
【版乐更新】valder fields by tamas wells豆瓣电台无意中听到滴,以前似乎在哪个小酒馆小cafe里听过。喜欢。

歌曲:valder fields
歌手:tamas wells

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[ti:valder fields]
[ar:tamas wells]
[al:a plea en vendredi]

i was found on the ground by the fountain about a fields of a summer stride
lying in the sun after i had tried
lying in the sun by the side
we all agreed that the council would end up three hours over time
shoe laces were tied at the traffic lights
i was running late, could apply
for anther one i guess
after parking stores are best
they said that there would be delays
on the temporary pay
for another one i guessed
after parking stores at best
they said that there would be delays on the temporary pay
she was found on the ground in a gown in a fountainfilled by the summer asleep.
staring at the concrete,trying not to cry
when somebody left hers life
we had agreed by the gown
so she takes his keys to the bedroom door
takes a step outside ,by the fountain
gazing at the field,what a view

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